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    Garage Door Opener Service

    • Garage door openers are motors that are used to operate garage doors, that is, open
      and close them. They can be either controlled by switches or by remote controls. There are five
      types of garage door openers; chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, direct drive and jackshaft. In
      the course of time, remote-controlled garage door openers have gained popularity.
      There has also been an advancement in the features of the opener with time- automatic
      courtesy lights, a lockout feature, keypads, keychain remotes etc. Another recent innovation in
      the garage door opener is a fingerprint-based wireless keypad. This unit attaches to the outside of the
      garage door on the jamb and allows users to open and close their doors with the press of a finger, rather
      than creating a personal identification number (PIN). This is especially helpful for families with children
      who may forget a code and are latchkey kids.
      Garage door openers, however, have their own flaws. The garage door is generally the largest
      moving object in a home. An improperly adjusted garage door opener can exert sturdy and fatal forces
      and might not reverse the garage door in an emergency. The manufacturer's instructions provide
      guidance to the user on the proper adjustment and maintenance of the opener. Some of the things that
      you can do in the context are to keep a constant eye on how it works if it is in proper alignment and by
      keeping the parts properly lubricated for smooth functioning.
      But sometimes there are some problems that still pop up with the openers. You can come
      across some common problems is this:
    • The remote works well but the wall switch does not
    •  The wall switch works well but the remote does not
    • The door goes up, but it only goes down when you hold the switch down
    • You Have Power to the Outlet, But There and No Sound or No Lights When You Push the Wall
      Switch and Remotes
    •  The lights are not working properly
    •  The trolley carriage moves but the door do not open
    •  The opener makes a grinding noise but the door doesn’t move
    • The garage door doesn’t close

    When you encounter such problems, you can do a few basic things like trying to lube the
    rail or checking the alignment of the door opener. However, in these cases, these are just
    precautionary and might not help. Even if you do decide to check the problem yourself, make
    sure that you have employed safety measures. It’s better to be safe.

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